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國際知名藝術家Anrea Rusin奇特的人生旅程讓他此生註定只做一件事:畫畫!

About twenty years ago I found myself having heart problems, it was a special period and for a few months I had left my job as an artist to do something else. At that time I also found myself having this problem, so I went to my doctor and he after visiting me said that my heart was not working well, indeed said that I had become a cardiac, forced me to go every other day in his study, he treated me with some medicines for the heart, then at the end, seeing that I was not getting better, he urgently sent me to the cardiologist.
I was on the bed with all the wires attached on the body, I had wires everywhere, at one point the cardiologist asked me what was my job, I replied that I was an artist, the doctor said, we have two nurses who wanted to be artists but now they work here, in any case they love art,
I want to call her so you will talk about art
The nurses arrived, and we started talking about art, about the history of the artists' art, about my vision in art, so after half an hour the cardiologist came back to check me, looked at the paper tape with the electrocardiogram and said gladly : "How strange at first your heart did not work well but after a while it started to work very well, now you do not have anything anymore, I think you are healed". The one I understood one thing, for me art it's not something that's not important , my heart began to work well again when I talked about art with the nurses, so when I went back home instead of doing the things that I was doing before, I immediately returned to my study and resumed where I left off, my art, my life.